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We are a group of experienced but continuously growing companies with a focus on innovative environmental and sustainability solutions.

We have been operating in the Polish and international markets for 15 years.

Our group consists of 8 unique brands that are leaders in their respective fields offering a complementary catalogue of services in the areas of: recycling, closed loop economy and sustainable development.

Why us?

  • 1 group providing a comprehensive offer
  • 15 years of experience on the market
  • 4500+ satisfied customers
  • 8 unique companies, creating a full range of services
  • 5 processing plants in Poland
  • 1 processing plant in Ukraine
  • CSR, ESG and CO2 reduction strategy consulting
  • environmental consulting, including reporting in the Database on Products and Packaging and Waste Management
  • IT solutions for Extended Producer Responsibility and product returns sustainability action planning
  • a range of REUSE and RE-COMMERCE solutions
Współpraca z nami, pozwoli na znalezienie rozwiązań dotyczących:
Recyklingu ZSEiE, baterii, opon, świetlówek i tekstyliów
Systemu kaucyjnego
Wydłużenia cyklu życia produktów, usług i materiałów
Ograniczenia odpadów generowanych przez społeczeństwo


Enter the world of recycling and circularity together with us!

We invite you to join us in finding and implementing solutions together to change the world.

Sustainable economy

Innovative solutions

ESG and CSR consulting

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MB Recycling is a company that specialises in comprehensive recycling and recovery of secondary raw materials, ensuring that as much waste as possible is recycled and returned to the production process.
Our greatest competitive advantage is our comprehensiveness.
At our facilities, we process not only small and large household appliances/ audio/video devices, but also specialise in recycling integrated circuit boards (PCBs) or toner cartridges.

MB Recycling is, first of all:

  • Polish capital
  • 15 years of experience on the market
  • Latest technologies
  • Own vehicle fleet
  • Own know-how in the field of recycling
  • Own research and development laboratory RecyklingLAB
  • Advice on management of waste equipment and required documentation related to acceptance of waste equipment at our processing plants
It is our original, nationwide system of collecting waste electrical and electronic equipment from cities, communes and residents. Our offer is addressed not only to business customers but also to individuals. Throughout Poland, we have over 1,800 distinctive red containers for small electrical waste, and we collect large-size equipment from residents free of charge.

Continuous development

We strive to create a better tomorrow through innovation, responsibility and sustainability. Together, we contribute to protecting our planet and building a better future for generations to come.

Maya Victory Sp. z o.o. is a company with a modern waste electrical and electronic equipment processing plant in Bogumiłów.

It is one of the leaders in the collection and processing of used light sources in Poland. From each ton of fluorescent lamps we recover more than 950 kg of glass, 20 kg of metals and dispose of 20g of mercury. In our processing processes, we use the best installations available in Europe:

  • processing of used light sources by the Swedish company MRT System AB
  • processing of cathode ray tubes
  • processing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • cable recycling.

A key installation at the Maya Victory plant is MeWa. By continuously improving and upgrading this installation with the latest technology, we are a leader in the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

In this way, we effectively care for the environment and supply our economy with recovered raw materials.

Eko Hybres is one of the most modern plants in Poland, specialising in processing all types of batteries.

The plant has state-of-the-art solutions for lithium-ion batteries aimed in particular at the automotive industry. We process them in a controlled and safe way for both people and the environment.
We are one of the first in Europe to process batteries for electric cars, meeting the highest safety standards!
We are leaders in the implementation of innovative technologies from the electromobility and automotive sectors.
Why are we the best?
  • Comprehensiveness of the process
  • metal foundry
  • qualified staff
  • the only semi-automatic battery sorting facility in Poland
  • hermetic installation for zinc-carbon and alkaline batteries
  • optical sorter supported by an artificial neural network
    patented installation for waste gasification
  • innovative production line dedicated to LI-ION batteries


We help to reduce the negative environmental impact of the products, materials or raw materials we produce by making sure they remain in the economy as long as possible or are recycled in an optimal and safe way.

ABM Recycling is a waste electrical and electronic equipment processing plant in Ukraine.

11 years ago, after participating in an industry event concerning the collection, processing and sorting of waste electrical and electronic equipment, which took place in the Vinnytsia region, the idea of starting a business in that market was born. The thought evolved quite quickly from the idea phase to the action phase, thanks to which ABM Recycling was established in 2015.

A few years of hard work resulted in receiving a licence from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, so that the ABM Recycling plant in 2020, could already officially start processing and providing services throughout Ukraine.

Today, ABM Recycling is an extremely important part of the group, of which we are extremely proud.

SRS Group is an integrator in the area of the circular economy helping companies and organisations to move towards a more sustainable production and consumption model.

It offers a wide range of services to help clients across industries and sectors achieve their circular economy goals, including:
  • Comprehensive e-waste, RES waste, battery waste and textile waste management for companies and their supply chains
  • Environmental consultancy, including reporting to the Database on Products and Packaging and Waste Management
  • Performance of statutory obligations on behalf of companies introducing portable, industrial and car batteries
  • Dedicated closed-loop economy services and projects
  • Consulting on ESG and CO2 reduction strategies

Company supporting organisations in the transition to efficient and cost-effective circular solutions in the area of goods returns and the collection and management of products that become waste.

It has highly developed IT competences, a unique ecosystem based on partnerships with other Group companies, and a team of experts with experience in the areas of reverse logistics, closed loop economy, extended producer responsibility (ROP / EPR), deposit systems (DRS), waste management, product returns, IT or the so-called customer experience (customere xperience).

Ecoloop offers, among others:
  • returns 3.0 – a service that allows shops to reduce the costs associated with returns by consolidating the so-called First Mile in return logistics, while maximising the circularity of returned goods.
  • a full range of reverse logistics and Extended Producer Responsibility services (process design, implementation, management and operation)
  • bespoke IT solutions for Extended Producer Responsibility and returned goods, providing product traceability and data reporting, compliance and integration with the Digital Product Passport
  • increasing the efficiency of processes related to the recycling, repair and resale of products obtained from returns or collections.

The Reclaim the Environment Foundation has been in operation since 2011. Its statutory objective is to promote ecology and protection of natural heritage, popularise the idea of recycling and raise the environmental awareness of the public in terms of proper handling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The Foundation’s priority is to carry out environmental education in the field of environmental protection, with particular emphasis on the subject of selective collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Gecon provides a specialist service to the REUSE and RE-COMMERCE market.
We are a service and logistics operator and provide a full spectrum of services to optimally handle the most complex after-sales processes of manufacturers, distributors or retailers.

We have 6 services and sorting facilities where we restore second life to products and put electronics, white goods, textiles, footwear, books, household appliances and much more back into circulation.

By providing professional services to support product re-use processes, we ensure maximum resource utilisation in a circular economy system.

We are at the forefront of innovative technological processes, serving our customers to actively participate in the planning and implementation of activities around a sustainable economy. We are actively developing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience around the market for reuse products and services.

Our mission is to inspire and build a place for conscious consumers whose choices are ecocentric and whose greatest satisfaction is to purchase planet-friendly products.


We know that one of the key directions in waste management is to move towards a closed loop economy.

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